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How to order

Fondant and buttercream cakes 
All cakes are custom made. We have to prepare things for your special wishes, so please request the cake at least 5 days in advance.

Step 1
Choose the cake, filling, dimensions and desired design.


Complete this form as best as possible.

Step 3
We will contact you for any additional questions and inform you about the price and delivery/collection day.

Step 4
After payment we will make your cake.

Step 5
The cake is ready for delivery/collection.
Enjoy the cake!


This is an indicative price list for standard cakes with simple decorations.

Round cakes:

15 cm (for 6~8 persons) starting from €48

20 cm (for 10~12 persons) starting from €65

25 cm (for 18~20 persons) starting from €99

30 cm (for 24~28 persons) starting from €120


Square cakes:

15 cm (for 8~10 persons) starting from €58

20 cm (for 12~14 persons) starting from €75

25 cm (for 20~22 persons) starting from €109

30 cm (for 28~32 persons) starting from €140


Cup cakes Starting from €3.5 (minimum order of 12 pieces)


Region Amsterdam Between 11:00 and 16:00 starting from €8.
Other regions and times upon request.

Types of Cakes

Vanilla sponge cake

Chocolate cake

Red Velvet cake (+Extra cost)


Strawberry cream

Mango cream

Lemon cream

Blueberry cream

Chocolate cream

Chocolate ganache

Cream cheese

Vanilla buttercream

Strawberry buttercream

Lemon buttercream

Blueberry buttercream

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